Alabama Student Map Contest

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Alabama will be participating in the

ArcGIS Online

U.S. School Competition 2017

  • Students (4th-12th) from each state may submit story maps created on ArcGIS Online.
  • Each entry must be submitted through a school. However, individuals may choose to enter the contest even if others from the school do not enter.
  • Students may work by themselves or in teams of two, but they may participate in only one entry.
  • Participating schools should have a contest within the school and the top 5 maps can be submitted to the state competition.
  • One teacher from each school must fill out the registration form (in the teacher registration tab) by May 12, 2017. 
  • The top five maps in each division (middle grades 4-8) (high school  grades 9-12) will be awarded $100 and will be submitted to ESRI to be judged at the national level.
  • Maps must be submitted to the Alabama Geographic Alliance by May 12, 2017 for entry. State award winners will be announced on May 19, 2017. National winners will be announced on June 5,2017 by ESRI. Esri will provide a travel grant to one high school team and one middle school team in the U.S., including at least one parent/guardian/teacher.
  • The Judging Criteria tab illustrates how the maps will be evaluated at the state and national level, and this rubric should be used at the school level as well.
  • The maps should be about Alabama and this year the theme is “My Home’s in Alabama”.
  • Students must use ArcGIS Online to create an original ArcGIS Online presentation, web app, or story map. If you are creating a story map it must be in one of the following formats:
    • Story Map Cascade
    • Story Map Journal
    • Story Map Series
    • Story Map Spyglass
    • Story Map Swipe
    • Story Map Tour
  • The Guidelines tab has more information about eligibility.
  • Entries must be from an ArcGIS Online Organization account. See the tab about Accounts to learn more.
  • For more information, please contact Tama Nunnelley at: or