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Social Studies Council of Alabama Conference

The Social Studies Council of Alabama will hold their annual conference on Monday, October 12th at Brooks Hall on Samford University’s campus. All social studies teachers in Alabama are encouraged to attend. 7 members of The Alabama Geographic Alliance will be presenting throughout the day and a booth will be set up with information. From 1:00 to 3:00, the Alliance will host a Mini-GeoFest. Mr. Juan Valdes, from National Geographic, along with Dr. Bill Strong, UNA, and other members of the AGA will present during this event. There will be goodie bags and a lot of fun so be sure to attend!


Juan José Valdés photographed at NGS HQ
Juan José Valdés photographed at NGS HQ

Juan José Valdés

The Geographer/Director of Editorial and Cartographic Research

National Geographic Society

Juan José Valdés is The Geographer and Director of Editorial and Cartographic Research of the National Geographic Society. He guides and assists the Map Policy Committee in setting border representations, disputed territories, and naming conventions for National Geographic. As Director of Editorial and Cartographic Research, he is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of its maps and map products. Now approaching forty years of service, he has worked in one capacity or another on every type of map produced by the Society. These include its map supplements, globes, page maps, dynamic mapping platforms, and five editions of National Geographic’s renowned Atlas of the World.

In addition to these duties, he serves as a liaison between the Society’s cartographic and educational branches, frequently lecturing to primary, secondary, and college level students on the significance of geography and cartography in today’s world.

He is also a National Geographic Expert who shares his insights and behind-the-scenes perspective to those he accompanies on National Geographic Expeditions trips to Cuba.